36th India International Trade Fair 2016

14-27, Nov-2016 , Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


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Location Rate
Delhi Zoo, Bhairon Road, Pargati Maidan Metro Station, Purana Qila Road  
Bus/truck(Bhairon Road) Rs.350
Car/Jeep/Van Rs.125
Scooter/Motorcycle Rs.50
BicyclesRs. 2/-

Entry  with Parking Label Through Gate 1 only
Exhibitor Parking Gate 1 & 6
Press Parking NSCI Purana Qila Road
Free Round Robin Ho-Ho BusBus Service - 9.00 am to 8.00 pm Gate 1 Pragati Maidan to Gate 1 Pragati Maidan
The buses will move in anti-clockwise direction starting from Gate No. 2→Gate No. 1→I.P. Depot →ITO-Pragati Maidan Metro Station →Gate No. 8, 7-5,4,3 and back to Gate No. 2.
Free Park and Ride Bus - 9.00 am to 8.00 pm Ø Ashpond( behind Rajghat)→ Sarai Kale Khan→Pragati Maidan→Gate No. 2 and back to Ashpond
Ø Sunhari Pula ( Dayal Singh College) to Pragati Maidan→Gate No. 2 and back to Sunhari Pula( Dayal Singh College)
  Special DTC Bus Services to NCR region for visitors
Ø Ghaziabad
Ø Faridabad
Ø Gurgaon.
Ø Metro
To have smooth traffic and avoid congestion on the affected routes, Traffic Police will be taking the following measures:
i) No vehicle will be allowed to halt or park anywhere at Mathura Road and Bhairon Marg. There will also be no parking by visitors at Sher Shah and Purana Qila Road.
ii) Any violation by any vehicle will be prosecuted for improper parking. Improper parked vehicles will be towed away with fines of Rs. 600 for improper parking and disobedience of lawful instructions apart from towing charges.
iii) U-turn on Mathura Road will be prohibited. Right turn from Mathura Road to Purana Qila road and Bhagwan Das Road will not be allowed.